4Play Lounge

4Play Lounge is the best strip club in Budapest featuring the most beautiful strippers in town! We have as many as 40 girls dancing on a single night so there is always plenty of eye candy to choose from. All of our girls are available for table or lap dancing, and can also be chosen for stag on stage, torture, striptease or lesbian shows. Our club is ideal for any birthday, company or stag party, presenting lovely ladies and reasonable drink prices in a safe and fun environment.



The biggest Gentlemen’s Club in Budapest:


  • 1000 m2
  • 2 floors
  • 7 VIP areas
  • 15 private rooms
  • 40 beautiful girls
  • various shows and drinks
  • Bottle service packages from €125
  • VIP packages from €215



The Best Strip Club in Budapest? 4Play Lounge, Of Course

If you and the lads are looking for some sexy strip action while on your Stag Weekend, then take note and you won't be disappointed. Budapest is a magnificent city to party in, but be careful if you're planning to frequent a strip club, without taking any advice.


There are some really dodgy strip clubs around and there are many ladies who will take advantage of foreign Stags, inviting them for a drink and then taking them for every penny they have. Once you're inside the strip club, you'll have no option (if you like your legs unbroken) but to pay up, leaving you penniless and miserable.


But let's not get all down and depressed - these situations can easily be avoided. The best Budapest Strip Club, by a mile, is 4Play Lounge. It's spacious, the DJ spins classic tunes all night and no matter what type of girl you like, you'll find her here! There are many stunning, sexy ladies waiting to show you an amazing time. The Hungarian hotties are some of the most gorgeous girls in Eastern Europe, they have bodies to die for and dance moves to send you into a spin. Don't worry if you find it hard to control yourselves, you don't need to sit on your hands here! The girls are open minded and will allow you to touch (within reason, of course!) so you can relax and enjoy.


4Play Lounge offers some special striptease shows which are ideal for Stag Parties. Stag on the Stage is exactly what it says on the tin. One or more of our delicious beauties will walk (or drag) the Stag to the stage, where he will be entertained and shown some seriously sexy moves. Raunchy performances will have him quaking in his boots and you may have to help him off the stage, for fear of causing what might seem like a volcanic eruption!(Get out the way...sexiness overload!)


Of course, we have a Surprise Show at our fabulous Budapest Strip Club, brilliant for Stags or birthday boys. Two strippers are in on the prank; one who's gorgeous and hot, the other a Roly Poly Stripper! The hot one will set him up, blindfolding him on the stage, while the Roly Poly will take over, performing all kinds of naughtiness. By the time she takes off his blindfold, he'll be turned on and raring to go - imagine his surprise when he sees the larger than life lady in front of him! Hilarity abound, classic Stag prank...



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